Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I guess the only good thing to say about Katie

Is where she made landfall- in a way.
I know N'awlins is pretty much gone.
And going downhill from there.

But Gulfport and Biloxi (pronounced Bil-Ukxi-you network maroons) has a Huge SeaBee base with thousands of highly trained people to assist in recovery and restoration. Biloxi has( or had) Keesler Airforce Base to stage supplies out of.
SeaBees are made of Plumbers, Electricians for both high wire and substation reconstruction, Builders who can pretty much build anything, Equipment Operators who can run anything to help rebuild roads and runways- also good for moving pesky trees. They have Mechanics to keep everything running, Steelworkers and Engineers Aids to help plot and plan where things were and need to go.

I KNOW that if they aren't already out there, they'll be soon- working untill it's done.

It doesn't make up for what happened, but seeing the video of Gulfport brings back memories.

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