Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Welcome to 'no driving' Wednesday

I don't know what the hell these San Antonioans were thinking today- if they were at all.
I just got home; and all total I avoided 4 wrecks. All on the East side. All exiting or entering I-10.

Ok Vatos and Movinas (boys and girls) here are some quick and easy rules of the road. This may be the first time you've heard them, though- this being Texas where your non-driving parents can vouch that they taught you how to drive, and you walked out with a drivers license.

Rule number one (uno) If you are entering a highway you are supposed to be going AS FAST as the traffic on the highway- NOT 20 MPH below. Also, that turn signal you just now discoverd does NOT give you the right to just whip over to where you want to go.

Rule number two (dos) That upside down red and white triangle that says YIELD only means STOP if there is traffic near you. It is not a good way to meet three following drivers at the top of a highway merge lane.(I had to go into the grass).

Finally a hint to the moron in the blue Cavalier- heavy trucks tak ALOT longer to stop than your car. Next time you go from the far left lane to a right side offramp, you may just have one on top of you.

All I have to say is that I would have gladly used a cluebat on some drivers today.

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