Sunday, August 07, 2005

Walrilla is having some issues with Belton, Tx. P&R Dept.

I usually try to stay out of the "blegging" stuff because I figure that if I've read about it, then everyone that reads my bloglette will have seen it anyway.

This is a bit different, though. It's NOT a bleg, just a link to a guy who's having trouble with the Parks and Rec Dept. of Belton. He has a daughter who is disabled (I'm not sure how) and is on a softball team. The problem is, that politics are politics anywhere you go; and those that need the "updated" fields don't get them because the "popular" kids get them.

He's not asking for anything. His post was more of a frustration thing, but maybe it would help if you just -maybe- just leave him a comment, it won't take long and maybe someone might know someone who can do something.

UPDATE- He's just frustrated because the "one" who should be at the P&R meetings has better things to do than to just ask for the (ready)money for new fields.

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