Monday, August 01, 2005

Some of these things are not as they seem

I started the new job today.
When I was interviewing, I was told that the Operators started at 7Am (crap, I need to leave at 6)- Ok, where do I report? To the jobsite, you won't be reporting to Schertz about twice a week. Pay, Weekly at $XX/hr- weekly. After 90 days the company pays all your healthcare premiums.

I can live with that, OK I'm yours.

Today I met the other Operators.
We start work at 6:30Am, and report to the Schertz yard every day.

We were installing 4 sections of a transformer bank/switch gear today.
In the San Antonio heat (about 110 and NO breeze) . I don't know what the heat index was, but I'b bet it was in the 130's - easy. We got done (left the jobsite) at 4:45PM.

I thought we were just off of the 410 loop , , , ummmm we were on the northside I-10(just N of 1604) (there was NO way I was driving to El Paso), so had to make a 30 min. retrip.

We got back to the office where I left my truck- cool, the day's on the downhill slide.
About 5 mi. west of loop 1604, I lost my tread on the back right tire.

Ok, replace the bad tire and on the way. Now I have an A/C that needs recharging when my heater core is replaced, An elusive vacuum leak, and now about $1500 worth of repairs to my back fender.

The only good thing that happened today was learning what my pay was going top be.
And yes it STILL is better than where I'd recently been working.

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