Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm not in a very good mood tonight

We had some equipment problems with our backhoe.
The starter went out, and I think the spilled Hydraulic fluid was draining the battery.
Ok, It'll be kinda a b*tch, but I've done Fords New Hollands, and Deer- this should be done before lunch.

Except that THIS one is a JCB- made in Britain.
You'd think that this country used to be a worldwide empire, and was responsible for engineering marvels all over the world- that they'd give a bit of thought to HOW to replace a starter motor when the loader arms are down. Well these engineers DO drive on the wrong side of the road.

My Ford and Deer are actually made so a FRIGGING socket (even if it is metric) fits the nut. NOoooo the JCB has to show how advanced they are by designing the motor support so you can only use an open-end 15MM wrench.
When the loader arms are down, you can only see the ONE bottom bolt. The other two invisible bolts have room for about 1/16th turn.

I spent almost 5 hours getting 3 nuts off a name brand piece of high dollar equipment. Then I had to maneuver a 20lb motor with one hand to get it to where I could REACH it from the top.

I got everything replaced and hooked back up, and it wouldn't turn over!
Turns out I forgot to plug the solenoid relay back.

It starts fine, now I'm afraid to turn it off.

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