Monday, August 29, 2005

After this storm, and the skyrocketing prices to come

I certainly hope that some people of infuence can get the energy policy changed.
Most, if not all our offshor drilling is in the gulf.

California and Florida ban drilling off their coasts.When a major storm hits the gulf, these platforms shut down - no oil or gas.
Environmentalists have put the kybash on
  • New distribution pipelines
  • New refineries
  • Drilling in ANWAR
  • Nuclear energy
  • Wind power (Sen. Kennedy are you listening?)
  • Further oil exploration.
  • New deepwater ports for offloading fuel
  • Made it cost ineffective for converting coal and shale into petroleum products
I'm sure there are plenty of other things that I've missed.

I hope the cost of energy shows the average American just HOW the Green movement has screwed them at the (possible) benefit of- well not alot, exept for plain obstructionalism.

Screw the Greenies, DRILL ANWAR and throw down more pipes to move that oil.
Then start OK'ing new energy plants!

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