Thursday, August 11, 2005

My one and only post about that media whore the grieving mother, Cindy Sheehan

Ok, let me get this straight. Her son joined the volunteer military and went to Iraq to free 50+ million Iraqis. He was killed by a cowardly terrorist. She met with Bush and came out with glowing comments.

Now she's hanging out with a bunch of leftist who never saw America do anything good.
She want to force Pres. Bush to hear her call him a murderer by using her dead son as a soap box? She and her Viet Nam era hippies are camping out in Crawford, TX and vowing to stalk our President anywhere he goes?

Now she decided that 'since Bush killed my son, I'm not going to pay my 2004 taxes'.
Ok, good on you Cindy- do you OWE any taxes?
Why are you NOW saying this? Did you miss the April 15 2005 deadline, and decide that it's a good way to maybe keep fom getting TOO sideways with the IRS- make it a protest.
Do you earn a wage, or are all of your expenses covered by communist front anti-war organizations?
Are you going to write a nice letter to the IRS saying 'Hi, I'm Cindy Sheehan, maybe you've seen me on TV. Look, I made a mistake on my 2004 taxes. Can I get them all back, because I decided I don't want to pay them for that year. I'll be waiting for my check :-)

Cindy :-)

P.S. If you don't send my money back, I'll tell my friends in the MSM! Then you'll have people not liking you :-( '

And Cindy, since you leftists are the ONLY ones that want to save energy, maybe you should connect a small generator to your son- get some free electricity as he spins in his grave because of you.

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