Friday, August 05, 2005

Tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of Hirosima

I'm sure there will be alot better posts from bigger and better bloggers, but I have something for you aging peaceniks to ask yourself. The younger ones, too.

The U.S. military estimated that around 1 million casualties would result from the invasion of Japan. If the atom bomb(s) had not been dropped, that would be that many fathers not having children.

The Question for the aging Boomers- Was your dad in the military in WWII? If so, and he was killed in the Japanese D-Day; where would you be today?

The same goes for the younger version, except now it's TWO sets of grandfathers. What (or would) you be if EITHER of your grand fathers been killed in the J-Day invasion?

Now, was it really a "crime" to kill 200,000 to save millions of lives?

I'm not going to get into the "we're evil because we used it" B.S. because the only reason WE used it was because we got it working FIRST.

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