Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm a SKOAL mayn di,di,di,do,do,do. . . Yes, a SKOAL mayn.

Sorry, couldn't help it when I saw this over at Jeff's place.

Yep, Gretchen Wilson is in trouble with the Nicotine Nazis. She has the termenity to talk nice about Skoal- in a SONG yet.

The TN A.G. is trying to shut her up, like it's BAD or something to have kids NOT hear something bad about tobacco.
If she was tossing a cucifix in Pee, it would be OK; or telling kids to off a cop and pimp out their sister for drugs- well, that's called artistic expression.
But DON"T try to talk about something from your own life, especially if you're a country singer.

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