Monday, August 22, 2005

Lets talk about the reason we're forced to pony up for free lunches

I was just looking at two articles about the growing controversy on childhood obesity.

basically it says "the kids are too fat, we need to do something."
Ok, lets see if I understand this. . .

First we were told 'the kids aren't learning because they can't afford "good" food , and that's why they are getting bad grades. SOoo "WE" need to buy them a good lunch.

Then it went something like "Oh, they don't get a good breakfast, THAT's why they are falling on their ass- gradewise."

NOW, we have TWO girls in H.S. and we have a pretty ummm 'average' income, and we are almost eligible for FREE school breakfast AND lunch.

Why, when this whole thing was starting didn't anyone ask (I'm sure they did- but it wasn't reported)
  1. During the Great Depression, when over 25% of Americans were unemployed and the rest under employed- or "undernourished" didn't the kids become as dense as they are now?
  2. During most of world history, and in alot of second and third world countries today, the kids go to school hungry- and they can still kick our @sses academically.
  3. What's wrong with a P.B. & J sammich? With a Ding Dong or Ho-Ho thrown in?
  4. What's wrong with a Meatloaf sandwich and an apple?
  5. Just why do you want the taxpayer to pay for what the parent is responsible for?
Ok, now we're supplying breakfast, lunch (and soon dinner) so the adults in the house don't even need to BOTHER in making sure the kid is fed, or diverting money from beer, drugs or their asininely loud car speakers.

The schools have spent so much on feeding kids that now we don't have just stupid kids, we have stoopid fat kids who think the world OWES them a living.
Exept for the ones who spend MORE on junkfood than a NON-EXEMPT school lunch would cost, and we're still providing them free food for the taking(and they still want a free meal).

Talk about a free lunch!

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