Wednesday, March 02, 2011

More Somalis interacting with civilization

Because everywhere they go, they can't help but spread love and acceptance from their chosen cult. Whether it's in Minnesota or their own coast, they just can't do enough to make people like them.

This time they took mom, dad, two crewmen and three teens hostage on their boat and anchored off their pirate stronghold.

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A Danish family kidnapped by pirates has reached the shore of Somalia, officials and a pirate said Wednesday, likely meaning a long hostage ordeal for the couple and their three teenage children who were abducted while yachting around the world.

A Somali pirate had warned that if any attempt was made to rescue them, they would meet the same fate as the four American yachters slain by their pirate captors last week. Any chance of a quick rescue seemed to disappear Wednesday

Oh, this makes it a little more interesting...
However, a Somali pirate who gave his name as Muse Abdi said the family was transferred to another, larger pirated ship.

"They are safe. They were just transferred from the boat to the big ship," said Abdi, who has provided reliable information in the past. "They have been added to other nationals in another ship to avoid any possible attack."

Here's an idea-
The Dutch have a navy of some kind, not any capitol ships (because hey- why build them, we've got the US to protect us for free)- but something with guns.
They're probably too civilized to do it but I'm sure the Russians have the balls to do it.

Just park a cruiser, or even a destroyer off the pirate village and start about 1000 yards away and slowly start walking shells from the shore inland about half a mile.
That would probably take 2-3 hours just to get their attention.
Next, do the same thing 100 yards closer.

Repeat as needed.

OH, and did I mention- no warnings and no negotiations until they're jumping up and down on the beach.

You know, nobody will be in a hurry, and battle stations could probably be relaxed a little- So how does this sound?
Let any rating who can pony up say- $20 to the MWR fund push the button and get bragging rites on firing a big gun? Why let the Gunners Mates have all the fun?

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