Monday, March 07, 2011

Where are these anachronistic "rural areas"

That all these Liberals bring up whenever they want to show they 'care' about flyover country?

And just how magical are those .GOV funded FM radio waves that only get through to those Edison radios in "rural areas"- when regular FM and even AM radio waves can't penetrate?

The NPR chief executive not only argued that her outlet fills a void left by a wave of cuts to private media companies, she claimed that public-radio listeners in rural areas would have no other access to news if their stations stopped broadcasts.

As much as those elitist Liberals know about "rural areas" they must think we all get our electricity from Mr. Roosevelt's TVA to light up our two bare 60Watt bulbs that we have to unscrew to charge the batteries for so we can huddle around our RCA-Victor radio at night. Because it's too far into town to hook up the mules for less than a weeks worth of vittles.

You know, MS. Schiller- I live 30 miles from San Antonio. I used to drive my S-10 (that's a truck) to Selma, TX every day- 54MI each way and I got FREE private radio without your anti-American slant all the way out there. But I guess you might have a point, if you stretch it a bit. See when you people decided to take away analog TV signals, you DID do way with free news ON the TELEVISION- because even with a converter digital signals aren't as powerful and don't reach as far.

But that's OK, I can get my TV and broadband internet from SATELLITES (who's signals penetrate the darkest of rurality) or wired CATV.

So, sorry- you'll need to look somewhere else for your digital divide theory.

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