Sunday, March 27, 2011

So, it's a war now?

Are we sure it's not a WTF, or KMA or a ROTFLMAO?

WASHINGTON -- To a nation and a Congress seeking answers, President Barack Obama on Monday will offer his most expansive explanation of the U.S. role in the Libyan war, delivering a speech that is expected to cover the path ahead and his rationale about the appropriate use of force.

Obama's 7:30 p.m. EDT speech, to be given from the National Defense University in Washington, comes as leading Republican lawmakers and some from his own party have pressed him for clarity about the goals and exit strategy of the United States. Obama and top U.S. security officials spent about an hour talking to lawmakers on Friday, with the president answering direct questions from critics.

Well, I'm glad someone is mentioning an exit strategy before this war becomes a QUAGMIRE.

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  1. The way we fight these days is ridiculous Kurt. Can you imagine; We tell the Germans and Japs in 1940 that we're not going to be there past 1943, our mission is focused... We'd still be fighting....

    One day someone will show up and actually put an end to this stupid shit.