Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does anyone in the MSM pump their own gas?

I'm just wondering because we haven't heard anything like we did last time gas was rising this fast. Waitamimmuit- It's rising FASTER this time than it was when the lamestream media couldn't cry loud enough about the BusHHalburtonMcHitler administrations manipulating prices.

I mean, I don't know why it might be news that gas prices have gone up 67% in the two years that our Chicago Jeezus took charge.
Thanks to all those unicorn farts and alternative energy- we don't need that oil that we are barred from drilling for. Anywhere on easily available land or under a mile of water. We'll et the Russians and Chinese drill because we know they care about the gulf more than the people who live there, and with better (Chernobyl, anyone?) technology than we have.

BUT--we still have private entrepreneurs who can come up with real alternate energy.
Bluesun showed us a car that runs on water. (No, it's not perpetual motion, it uses water [light bulb icon] for fuel.

Then we find that someone's been checking out steam-punk technology over in the P.I. and came up with a power source that collects and processes energy emitted throughout the aether. AND it's been examined and verified by the P.I. DoE. So we know it's not a scam (he said with a straight face).
This is where all of Obamas unicorns have been lately instead of working over here- they've been putting their magic together to make something ---MORE.
Yes, not only is it a perpetual motion machine, it even puts out MORE power than it takes in. I wonder when we'll be throwing our tax money away investing in that technology?


  1. There is a strange phenomenon called the Casimir Effect, that causes attraction between metal plates closely spaced, that gives many people the idea that energy can be extracted from the ether.

    As an electrical engineer, I've got a gut feeling that someday we may be able to tap into this energy, and have Star Trek style warp ships and antigravity, but if there was anything at all to these schemes, somebody would have made it public domain, if for no other reason to create global chaos.

    I have better hopes for the badly funded electrostatic confinement fusion research, see
    but our present financial condition pretty much says the government ain't gonna produce it for us, let alone President Unicorn.

    Whenever links lead me to KeelyNet, I shudder. Most of that stuff is only for the most credulous believers.

    I've got several Tesla biographies, and never read about that Pierce Arrow before - and 70L7 tubes don't produce a whole lot of power in any case... :)
    (In case you wonder:

  2. What? You're telling me there's no perpetual motion machine that's run on Unicorn farts and skittles?

    I'm shocked.