Sunday, March 27, 2011

A PSA for Hyundai owners

Especially Santa Fe drivers who have a power steering leak.
Thing-1 has had a leak for a while, and last week it got much worse, draining the reservoir in about 20 miles of highway driving.

If you hve a bad leak and see it dripping from center drivers side- it is NOT the $130 power steering pressure hose that they list at O'Reilly's Auto Parts that they have to order from the S. C. plant. The one that's leaking is the return hose which you'll probably need to get from a genuine Hyundai dealer.

Or you could use a hose clamp and some neoprene to put a bandage on it.
Like I told daughter- it could last 100 miles or until it's sitting in the bone yard.

Of course, now that I know it's only the return line, if it starts leaking again; I'll cut the rubber hose off at the steel and slip a hydraulic hose over the ends.

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