Saturday, March 05, 2011

Don't do it Newt

If I had an e-mail to your new presidential exploratory committee- I'd tell them you have waaaayyy too much baggage.
Not to mention that ammunition you gave them when you were going kisseyface with SanFran Nan about that Cap-and-Tax scam last year.

AND if I see any of the recycled LOOSERS
Mitt Romneycare
Mike Suckaby
the lunatic Ron Paul
Rudy Giuliani

from last time on my primary ballot, don't count on my vote next year.
If I can't vote for anyone but a career politician, GFYS.


  1. Newt must be delusional if he thinks he'll win

  2. It's got to be that incestuous echo chamber lifelong pols live in that let him think he's got a chance.