Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Yard wolves

This is why it takes five minutes to go out the front door.

By the time I reach the front door, they're just realizing I'm going out, so they have to bound up and run around obstructions to get to the door. Then they have to vie for position and rush as soon as I put my hand on the knob- and get in the way of an inward swinging door.
Then there's not enough room to exit en-mass so they have to jostle their way out.

Notice the color coordinated anti-claw protection on the arms of the couch. That's another story.
His nickname is 'the Instigator'.


  1. And I thought I had problems with just two miniature schnauzers...

  2. I miss having a dog around the place. Maybe this summer we'll take the plunge and find us another one.

    One thing I don't miss is our last dog's apparent compulsion to lie down exactly in the path you're most likely to take next in the house. Its like he had a GPS system in his head so he could position his bulk directly in the path you would be taking 5 minutes from now :)

  3. You could have one of ours :-)