Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As you may have noticed

-or not since I don't have that large of a following, I haven't said much about Japan.
There are a lot of others talking about it and all kinds of opinions on it.
All the way from "f- them, I still remember Pearl Harbor" to "Zo-my-gawd! Het NUklear reactorz iz going to BLOW. UP!!! Then melt to the earths core and EXPLODE. THE. WHOLE. PLANET!!!!ELEVEN!!"

Sure it's bad. They were hit by an earthquake that broke a tectonic plate and tilted the earths axis a couple degrees. How that will affect global warming, we haven't been told yet. But they're an advanced people, probably even ahead of us. They build chit to stand earthquakes and most of it did withstand it. What did them in was the water that hit them right after and caused the problems at those reactors. I never did think we were looking at another Chernobyl for several reasons, and one was the kind of reactor it is which the Daily Gator lays out pretty well.
First- it was in JAPAN. The same country that was on the receiving end of two atomic bombs. Any nukes would have to be the safest possible design out there.
Second- It was build by capitalists who gave a chit about what could happen if something went wrong. If for no other reason than their financial well being.
Third- It was a completely different design which used less dangerous fuel than Russian ones do.

As far as the panic stricken reporting going on, remember that theses people are pushing an anti-nuke agenda. Elevated radiation doesn't automatically mean dangerous. I can turn off my A/C and the temperature inside my house becomes 'elevated' from the arbitrary temperature I decided to put it at. These 'journalists' are the same people who couldn't tell you off the top of their heads what temperature water boils at.

Also, something a lot of people are starting to remember now, and talk about- is just how many nuclear tests have been conducted without the disastrous results hoped for by the MSM.

It's a little over 14 minutes and has a kind of slow start and finish:

There, feel better?

The Japanese will come through this fine and be back making tentacle pr()n faster than you think.

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  1. Great thoughts on the situation. I have seen that bomb test map before and it is quite impressive. Given all that testing that was done and no-one has be screaming about radiation is a good point. Congrats to you thinking along those lines :)