Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So..I can say Bill Maher sucks @sshole

from tranny queens and as long as my readers don't object- it's ok?
That's what I seem to get from the IOTW piece on that vile pos that gets millions of dollars to spew all over his followers.
Maher’s non-apology was flawed in its thinking and speaks entirely to my point about not putting your head in the sand. He justifies his remarks by saying he determines whether he’s gone over the line by reading his reviews and listening to the laughter. He says these things make up what a community standard is, weirdly citing pornography cases as precedent and justification for calling Palin a twat.

SO- I can trash Bill Maher as much as I want, and call him every name in the book (and make some up) as long as my five readers don't object, it's fine?

This is my astounded face:-O

Ok, I'll give it a shot.
Just remember- if I go too far, all of my readers will have to tell me so.
Just like Bill Maher and his hateful anti freedom belief.


  1. Knock yourself out. I don't think you'll be able to match him.

  2. Probably not-I'm not that vile and obsessed with impotent rage against people who see things differently than I do.

  3. Go for it. But I think you don't have the elitist disdain for others that Maher has.

  4. Whatever you call him, it would be not far enough.

    I was raised by a man who used colorful curse words as "plain English," although rarely did he use the f-bomb.

    He did have standards (unlike Maher)

  5. It'd only be too far if you called him a reasonable man. Everything else was just apt descriptors.