Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No...E-bay has no double standards

They're as Liberal as you'd expect from a Cali company.

Look for anything gunnish...(.357 pistol) and you get 91 auctions

Try a pr()n star out and you can order anything you want to pay for.

But I'm cheap and prefer to just 'tube' my porn.


  1. Actually, I'm surprised they even have replica guns. I thought they were so anti-gun you couldn't even mention the word.

  2. Ebay isn't anti-gun so much as anti-legal exposure.

    Given the web of wildly varying gun laws across the country, I can't say as I blame them for their stance.

    I wonder how much the VT incident finally wound up costing them? I bet it was more than they ever collected in auction fees from firearms magazines...