Saturday, March 19, 2011

Play stupid games

Win stupid prizes.

Here we have an anti-hunting loon- who from the language I sort of thought might be from the Great White North (because of the Left tilt the whole country got from those 60's and 70's draft dodgers), but it came from OZ.

Which kind of puts the quote:
"She had blood streaming down her face, so my first thought was to get her out of the water," Ms Maxted said.
into perspective, given the freshwater crocks,

Anyway, there was an incident where a bunch of PETArds tried interfering with opening day of duck season down under, and one of them ended up with a face full of steel shot.
Witnesses claim they saw the 14-year-old boy taunting the victim, St Kilda woman Julia Symons, minutes before she was peppered with shotgun pellets at Lake Buloke in the state's northwest.
Those witnesses wouldn't happen to be anti- hunting hippies0 would they?
But police described the shooting as an accident after taking the teenage hunter and his uncle to nearby Donald police station for questioning and seizing the firearm involved.
When the Sunday Herald Sun arrived on the scene less than two minutes later, Ms Symons was bleeding heavily from several wounds in her face and hands, and apparently in shock.

"I've been shot. I've been shot ... I've lost a tooth. Will I be all right?" she screamed.

Steel pellets had entered her temples, left cheek, chin, nose, hand and lip.

Well you can thank your other friends of the earth that they weren't the more humane (for the ducks) lead shot.

The shooting happened at 9.10am yesterday as Ms Symons and about 150 other members of the Coalition Against Duck Shooting tried to disrupt the 1500-plus hunters on the lake for the opening of duck season.

And this...which proved the Australia is truly part of the British empire still...
While Ms Maxted said she did not see the incident, she did see the 14-year-old and an older man at the scene.

"I turned to the shooters and demanded their names. I said, 'She has been shot. What are your names?' And they just walked off," Ms Maxted said.

EGADS, really? Those utter CADs!

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