Sunday, March 20, 2011

When your only tool is a hammer

Everything is labeled 'Domestic Terrorism.'
...Well unless someone yells "Allah Akbar!" right before he kills Americans.

From bitter clinger who think the Constitution means something-
To people who balk at the ever intrusive TSA theater,
To deepwater drillers,

To someone minting his own coins for barter...

Charges remain pending against William Kevin Innes, an Asheville man who authorities said recruited merchants in Western North Carolina willing to accept the “barter” currency, according to court records. Innes was indicted along with von NotHaus in 2009.

“Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism,” U.S. Attorney Anne Tompkins said. “While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country.”

I guess Buckwheat's DoJ thought they could hit the white guy harder with a terrorism charge that fraud.


Here are those confusing coins that are so confusing to us idiotic bitter clingers.


  1. If this holds true, then manufacturers' coupons are also a currency that undermines the value of the dollar.

  2. FRNs are a currency that undermines the value of a dollar - which Congress has specified is equal to xxx oz silver. His mistake was putting a 5ive Dollar sign on his silver quarter dollar.