Friday, March 18, 2011

When did they sneak that in?

I'm looking at Best Buy for a replacement laptop and just to see if it's worth making the trip in to San Antonio I clicked the "calculate tax and shipping" button- where I got a price for BOTH tax and shipping.

The last time I ordered something on line- all I paid was shipping.
When did that Tax Cheat Timmy Geitner inflict that on everyone?

I guess I'll see what's on e-bay.


  1. I've got one that can be fixed for $180, but decided to get a new one instead.

  2. Buy your laptops at Walmart. They offer a much better warranty than anyone.

  3. I can get a 3-Gig memory on a Compaq for $20 more at B.B. verses a 2-Gig HP same everything else at Wal-mart.

  4. If any store has a brick and mortor store in tyour state, you get the sales tax fun.

    This IS THE place to go for a laptop.

    good service, fast shipping.