Friday, March 11, 2011

The Texas Lege is looking at illegal immigration

and trying to see what they can do about it.
Since Republicans took over both houses last year (thanks Nancy) we've got a good chance to try fixing things on the state level- since DeeCee isn't bothered by it.

One State Rep. Paul Workman (R-Spicewood) has introduced bill creating a 'guest worker' program for illegal immigrants.

See,this brain- instead of finding illegals and sending them back, and stopping all the .GOV handouts- wants to give them some kind of state workers visa.

"This is a way for these people to come out of the shadows, for the state of Texas to know who is here, we will have an opportunity to run background checks on them," Workman said.

He says the bill also removes the incentive for the growing problem of trafficking in illegal immigrants in Texas.

His bill would require any illegal immigrant who wants to work in Texas to pay $4,000 and obtain an 'resident immigrant registration card' which would be good for eight years.

He says the state would perform a background check on the individual, and his or her employment would be monitored by the state. The individual would pay state taxes and would participate in the normal commercial activity of the state.

Dude, did you used to be a Democrat?
You want these people who are pretty much thriving by NOT paying income tax, or insurance, or getting a drivers license (even though they drive anyway) OR paying the $1000 to get their green card- to PAY $4000 to lose all that in exchange for being in your database?

Really? They must have really good drugs in Spicewood.

Oh, AND they won't be immune from deportation either.

Yeah, I can see Texas being overwhelmed with those requests right now.

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