Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If I could remind you BARRY

We started the Dept. of Energy after your disastrous Dhimmy Carters gas shortage back in the 70's.
That agency was supposed to ,,,forty years ago,,,was supposed to find a way to make America less dependent on foreign oil.
But instead YOUR DoE has been denying deepwater permits and ever since Carter has been closing off easily available oil fields. THAT is why we have to go out in the gulf to drill...except you won't let us.

But now you want to jump on the oil companies about how they're not drilling.
Now you're going to go out and read your teleprompter give a speech about how we have to change the way we think about oil.

Discussing the speech, the Democratic president said the country must increase its energy independence.

"What we were talking about was breaking the pattern of being shocked at high prices and then, as prices go down, being lulled into a trance, but instead let's actually have a plan," Obama told party activists in New York late on Tuesday.

Except, you dork, every time a Republican wanted to do something about future oil supplies- all we got from Democrats was 'but it'll take TEN YEARS!!! for it to make a difference'
for the last eight years at least.

Drill now and stop using my food to line ADM's pockets.


  1. Imagine, if you will, where we would be if the past 40 years HAD been used to actually FIND and PERFECT alternatives.....

  2. I agree... we should have drilled , built refineries, worked on safer nuke options AND alternatives. Christ, we went to the moon in a decades time...