Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well it figures, it IS MinneSOta after all

Not that that's bad- or anything , , ,

There was a gas station fined for selling gas too cheaply for the state regs.

The Minnesota Commerce Department on Thursday announced plans to fine a gas station chain $140,000 for repeatedly selling gas below the state's legal minimum price.

The fine against Midwest Oil of Minnesota is twice as large as any imposed on a company since 2001, when the state established a formula based on wholesale prices, fees and taxes to determine a daily floor for gas prices.

Not that those Vikings are in the same league as Cali, or Hawaii for government interference on private businesses, but they DO have a liberal bent.

It's not that the snowbelt is inherently Liberal, it's just that they trust the government wayyyy too much for their own good. I hope they get to see this article up in the frozen north.
That's omething I thought I'd never see- a LIBERAL government setting a minimum price to hurt the "people".

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