Saturday, February 25, 2006

I left a comment over in this blog

It was my usual B.S. comment. I didn't realize that he was a lib, or wouldn't have bothered- save my crappy typing for here, ya know.

It was a post about voter fraud (the Rethuglican type), and it reminded me of what I've believed for quite a while.

If you want to ACTUALLY get better, more accurate results from the ballot, then make it HARDER to vote.
That would give people some incentive to actually THINK about who they're going to vote for. It would weed out those who are too stupid to follow a ballot from name along the same line to the ..........CHAD.

Instead of making people actually make some kind of commitment in the democratic process by putting out a little effort and hopefully getting them involved in the process- making it easier to vote seems to bring out the idiots.
Instead of an informed and committed electorate, we have "Motor-voter" and No-ID voters who have no clue about who's even on the ballot. Except for the name they were told to vote for "Because they're . . ." or "They told me . . ." or "They'll do . . . for me."

You want better results, lets start screening voters. I don't mean a Jim Crow literacy test or a poll tax. I mean a quick pre-vote questionnaire with about 3 questions on the ballot.
They could be as easy as "Which (major position) candidates are running?" "Who is the Senate majority (minority) leader?" "Name two Supreme Court justices (your Senators) (your City councilman)". If you can't answer these questions you don't know enough about the United States to deserve a counting vote.
In English. The LAW states that to be a citizen, you should know the basics of english. (If you want to become a productive, positive contribution to American society - be an AMERICAN VOTER.) If you answered the questions right, your ballot counts- if not, it goes into the "tie-breaker" stack.

I know a certain political party would have a screaming tizzy fit about "disenfranchising" their chosen voters. The drunken derelicts bums homeless, the shiftless drug addicts helpless on public assistance, the plantation residents barrio vatos illegal aliens minorities, and the rest of their "base".

But hey, if you're actually serious about voter fraud, machines aren't going to stop it- no matter WHO makes the things, committed citizens are the key. If you want to cut out alot of questionable votes, and get a better handle on it- identify the voters, and make sure they're eligible to vote.
Make voting mean more than just buying a lottery ticket.

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