Thursday, February 09, 2006

I have to say that on the surface, I find it extremely hard to believe

That Terrorists from the "Religion of Piss" would do a 9-11 on L.A.
I mean, they HAVE attacked French, and other islamaphilic countries before, so it's not beyond reality.

I just have a hard time seeing them attacking their biggest backers, is all. I'm not a strategic thinker, but just can't see turning supporters and appologists into -at worse, foes. I mean crap, they might make a nasty sign and link me with Haliburton at their next demonstration against Bush the war. Those Californians may even act like we're not on the same page anymore and draw piggy faces on their moHALIBURTONommad signs.

It's a good thing the Girl Scout that Bu$Haliburton=Hitler was wiretapping(illegally) mentioned hearing the moslems talking.

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