Sunday, February 12, 2006

It looks like at least one newbie Republican knows why he's in DC

unfortunately his views and mine are 180 degrees apart.
I'm not sure how much to trust the story I'm reading, because it comes from a
notoriously partisan and inaccurate source.
See, the republians went on a retreat to work on their future image- with a new leader.

One of the items raised was earmarks (pork) in the budget.
A controversy over earmarks _ the congressional name for funding pet projects _ is particularly intense. Especially since one GOP-led committee compiled a secret tally sheet showing earmark requests made by Republicans calling for reform.

"Earmarks have become the currency of corruption," Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.,
(He looks promising-Kurt)recently wrote Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. "We can't allow this to continue."

High on the list of challenges for the GOP is the annual drafting of a budget. President Bush's appearance on Friday's program was a reminder that he's calling for $70 billion in savings over five years from benefit programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and payments to farmers.
(OHmygod, starving the POOR!!!!!!!!)
Fiscal conservatives are particularly determined to cut back on earmarks.

The practice, an old one, has mushroomed in recent years under Republican sponsorship, and the legislation backed by Flake and numerous other lawmakers is designed to trim it.

The measure would preserve the existence of earmarks, but for the first time allow critics to challenge them one by one on the House floor.

Flake, who issues a stream of news releases accusing his fellow lawmakers of wasteful spending, says the purpose is transparency in government. The theory is that forcing lawmakers to defend projects will expose them to ridicule and, eventually, the practice will ebb.

I like this guy, if I were in Az, I'd vote for him again-if he lives up to his words.

The committee that controls the pursestrings compiled a list of earmarks requested last year by GOP lawmakers who favor Flake's bill. The total was 717 requested earmarks, although none for Flake, for more than $4.5 billion.
This other guy, however- shows that he knows how Gov't works, and is determined to be a regular for a long time in DC.

The response was sharp.
"I am shocked that the Republican staff of a Republican-led committee in a Republican-majority Congress would do opposition research on a fellow Republican," first-term Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia wrote in a letter to fellow GOP lawmakers. "I do not see any other purpose behind the preparation of this report other than for it to be leaked to the press."

The Associated Press obtained copies of both the Appropriations Committee tally and the letter.

By committee count, Westmoreland requested 59 earmarks last year, for a total of $536 million. His office declined to release the entire list of projects he requested.

Didn't I tell ya that boy had a real future in politics?

We sent the republicans up to DC because they were SUPPOSED to be the party of constraint.
I guess that's only when a Democrat is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. All they've done is change a coal shovel for a grain shovel in the budget department.
They've gone so far to the left that FDR would now probably call himself a moderate conservative.
If there was a viable independent party with a majority of views I agreed with, they'd get my vote in a heartbeat.

You may have noticed the small, inconspicuous Kinky Friedman for Gov. on the top of the blog.
I'll help him get elected simply because he's a real independent. He really can't do much to change the standard rout with out the Leg going along, so like his campaign slogan says-"Why the hell not?" (Besides, I stole it and can't figure out how to resize it)

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