Friday, February 17, 2006

It looks like the religious outrage union is taking a break

I didn't see anything about moslem riots on this mornings glance through the news.
Maybe they're just catching their breath and trying to decide which is more worthy of their riots, the "New and Improved" Abu Graib pics, or the gay muhhamidine film?
I don't think they'll have two seperate "outrages" because I don't think their followers are really sharp enough to seperate the two ideas. Wouldn't it be kinda embarassing for them to get mixed up when they load the bus at the local Union Hall- having them carrying Abu Graib signs and chanting the anti-gay moslem canards.

Which outrage do you think will be the next big thing to hit the Mid-East?

Looks like Mirriam was right. They probably just took a break, catch their breath, learn the newest outrage, and back at it today.

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