Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's sad to think that this will never happen in America


An Australian football player "dacked"(pantsed) a team-mate in front of a school full of adolescent girls.

What wouldn't happen in America- anymore- because of lawsuits "Zero Tolerance" and Political Correctness is:

Roos said there was no need to fine or reprimand Kennelly further after the dashing defender accepted full responsibility for his actions.

"It's about accepting responsibility for your actions that's what we are all about here at the Swans," Roos said.

"I guess you can debate punishment and all those sorts of things but the most important thing for us as a footy club is to have good role models and good people and characters.

"If mistakes are made we want you to put your hand up and accept the consequences and Tadhg was very keen to get back to the school as quick as he could and very keen to speak to the students tomorrow."

Swans chief executive Myles Baron-Hay, who learned of the Kennelly incident late yesterday, endorsed the way the club and its player handled the situation.

"Tadhg is embarrassed by it and realises it's the wrong thing to do and has unreservedly apologised," Baron-Hay said.

And did I mention how the educators believed how this would affect the girls?
Permanent scarring? Behavioral problems? Councilor's called in?
How about:
"It certainly was an unexpected response to a question in front of a group of girls,"she said. Gurr said Kennelly's actions would not be mimicked in the schoolyard.

"They (the girls) have a very clear understanding about how to behave," she said. "I don't think it will inspire them to do that at all."

Yeah, you think that reaction would happen in America, the p*ssified today?

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