Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fake, but Accurate 2.0

Ok, I gotta admit that I was kinda surprized at the world-wide rioting. Sure the moslems are nuts, look at their way of life, any sane person would have skeedaddled by now. They riot like L.A. does after celibrating a championship.

It seems that those cartoons everyone's been seeing and rerunning weren't bad enough to really get out the loons, so-Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Laban-a moslem holyman decided to add his own pictures. Just to be sure the donkeys acted the way they were supposed to. You know, show the world how mature they are in the face of not getting their way being offended like every other religion is treated to at one time or another (or continiuosly).

He decided to add three pics designed to blow the lid off ANY kind of reluctance the unwashed horde might have to get stupid, including mohhamid with a pig snout. That's worse than fake T.A.N.G. records, at least they didn't kil anyone. Newsweeks koran flushing lies showed just how these paragons of maturity and restraint act when their so-called religion is in the least bit disrespected. Our 15 yearold has always acted more mature than these mohhamedines whenever she's been swatted down.

(UPDATE) You really have to wonder what changed between ramadon, 2005 and now?
With the same cartoons printed in an Egyptian paper bought by the millions, and no outrage or riots against Egyptians. I guess they were too busy trampeling each other in the annual stampeed.

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