Monday, February 06, 2006

Isn't the 9-11 Cover up Commission the Be-All to the Legacy Media?

If it is, then why are they so silent on what they had to say about FISA?

I can't find a direct link to it, but via Newsmax comes this little nugget:
"The FISA application process continues to be long and slow. Requests for approvals are overwhelming the ability of the system to process them and to conduct a surveillance.” he 'wall' between criminal and intelligence investigations apparently caused agents to be less aggressive than they might otherwise have been in pursuing Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) surveillance powers in counterterrorism investigations.
"Moreover, the FISA approval process involved multiple levels of review, which also discouraged agents from using such surveillance. Many agents also told us that the process for getting FISA packages approved at FBI Headquarters and the Department of Justice was incredibly lengthy and inefficient".

Yes, the illegal, immoral, improbable soccer-mom spying was done because FISA was a NORMAL BEREAUCRATIC clusterf*ck from the git-go.
These same Libs who look at the report as (well they are anti-religion) almost the word of God, seem to overlook the failings of their idolic secret court.
I would hazard a guess as to the fact that it gives Bush a pass on this.

And as it isn't worth another post:
The muhammadines are outraged again, and rioting. Isn't that like saying the sun sets in the west?
If you sneeze wrong, they'll act out the LA riots again-because their Religion of Peace(and compassion, and understanding, and tranquility, and,,,,,well you get the point) has somehow been insulted.

Hey guys, how about acting like grown-ups; maybe someone might care.

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