Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I thought I had a democrat I could vote for

If I lived in San Antonio- and was going to vote in this primary.
I'm not voting so I can sign on for Kinky.

I've been hearing Frank Madla's radio ads dumping on Carlos Uresti about how un"Democratic" he's acting in Austin. How he basically sold his constituents downstream. "Cool," I said to myself, "a Dem that doesn't toe the DNC line- He votes for what he thinks is right"

I started looking for their sites and came across Just another blog that has alot of information on local Texas politics. I'll probably link to them (it's a group blog) even though they tilt to the left. They don't seem completely unhinged even though they DO link to Koz and the DU. I'll do it when I get on the big computer, his one doesn't keep my Blogroll sign-in active for some reason.

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