Friday, February 10, 2006

Man, those mullahhhhas are mining the madness for all they can get, huh?

What is it now, over a week- and they're still rioting in the Mid-east to S. Africa.
Come on people they're CARTOONS!
If you act this way every time someone says or does anything that "offends" you, you really need to refocus your outrage.

Say to the institutionalized rape of half of your population- and then punishing them for it.
A 15 year old girl was hanged the other day for trying to protect herself and a younger sister against a gang rape- in IRAN. She managed to stab one of the followers of moHAMed, and he died.
She was hung for murder. But what do you expect from a cult that treats women as badly as they treat feral dogs?

They really need to STFU and start trying to act like civilized human beings, instead of children throwing an organized temper tantrum.

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