Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I hear someone was trying to make her molehill into a mountain

I swear, Cindy does need to run for congress, she's got the instinct for TV facetime well honed.

And speaking of anti-Americanism. I hope everyone that has their hand on the leaver in the next election will remember how the Dems acted lately, including last night.

Bush brought up the tepidly fought battle of Soc. Sec. reform, and the Dems gave themselves a standing "O" for screwing over their constituents.
They can't stand to see the great unwashed (us) have any control of out own retirement- especially if it means them loosing control of that pittance they talked about.

Everyone knows Social security is rapidly running out of money; and if you didn't know it, the IOU's they gave when they raided the fund are coming from. . . US who have already paid in.

Now the Dems are congratulating themselves for keeping their giant Ponzi scheme intact.
If they REALLY wanted to help Americans, especially the poor, they should let us in on their retirement plan. I'd love to work for one term (whatever your job turnover rate is) and be guaranteed that much a year for the rest of your life- with free healthcare. But no- we, the great unwashed, mouthbreathing cretins that we are deserve to give up 20% to an uncaring bureaucracy with no interest, or even claim to the money. There is nothing that says the govt' has to give you that money back- it's not yours. THAT'S why the Dems don't want to change it.
The fact that Bush had the terminity to even mention it was sacrilege to the altar of FDR.

Your taxes are coming up. Take a look at what you are really paying. I bet if you don't gross over $100,000, your Federal tax is less than 10% after all the refunds and deductions you get back.
Ted Kennedy probably pays less tax than you do- his money came from interest on the money his bootlegging father made. Think about that next time you hear them demagogging the "richman tax cut". Think about your diminishing retirement fund next time it's time to vote.
Think of the Dems' standing "O" to crippled Social Security.

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