Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ok George, put your veto pen where your mouth is.

Not that it's probably much of a threat- since it hasn't had any exercise in 5 YEARS!

Bush said he'd veto any legislation designed to stop the transfer of US ports to the United Arab Emerates.
I haven't written about it, since I'm not sure what's all involved.
I do know that the UAE was "helpful" to both us- the US and Al Queda, at the same time.

But if Jimmy Carter is for it. . .

Ummmm. . .

Wait a minute, , , something's wrong with this link, it doesn't say what Mike quoted it as.

Everything I search for with 'Jimmy Carter Dubai Ports' that has a link to what Dhimmy said is now, , , changed. Newsmax, Newsday, , , is there a reason?
The same reason I'd say is a lead pipe cinch that this is bad for America because HE is for it.

In the articles they tell us how the Al Queda (parial) sympathizers have to jump through all the govt' hoops.
Great- are they going to use "due-diligence" in stopping anything suspicious, or the old *shrug* "I see naaahhhting" if it requires just a little over the minimum effort in stopping anything- - - BAD because they're following the letter of the "requirements".

We all know that these ports are on the shore- goes without saying, really. Did it occur to you that they are also part of the BORDER?
The same border that Bush has ignored for the entire time he's been in office. The only thing that'll be coming in is illegals. Illegal terrorists. Illegal drugs. Illegal bomb materials. Illegal plans for terrorists. Illegal slaves for the caliphate.

If all these anti-American mouthpeices are for it-- something is bad for America.

(UPDATE FEB 22) I finally found a Dhimi Carter quote about how he supports the Dubai deal.
NOW do you believe it's a bad thing?
I still wonder why all those posts I looked at yesterday were purged "updated" to dis-include any mention of the "Mensa of the Mid-east"

Thanks Rachel.

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