Saturday, February 18, 2006

Can I get a Fatwa on me now?

I just made a cartoon of moHAMmid, and so can you!
Just in case you nutjobs want to riot at my house- remember, I live in Texas. We are allowed to shoot if we feel out lives or property is in danger. I consider ANY peadephile worshipping muhhamadine approaching my property with a sign to be a threat.
Just tell me what you flavor is: a scoped .22 auto, 20 gauge deer slug, or a 30.06 that I can used to be able to hit a headsize target at 300yds.

One the reasons that I've kinda got my undies in a wad is that Aelfheld sent me a link about the second third attempted hijacking of flight 93. This is the redesign refinement of the First islamic appeasement. If you're going to put a religious symbol that can be seen from the sky, make it a CROSS pointing at mecosMecca.
If you're as pissed at the US Dept of Interior as I am; go to the site and flood them with mail, both e-mail and snailmail.
I wish I could say that I don't believe they're letting this through, but it IS Bush's "Compassionate Consrevative" appointee in charge. Besides it's PC to appease a bloodthirsty religion because the ACLU won't use our taxdollars to stop it.

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