Saturday, February 04, 2006

Gungeeks needed

Before Blogger goes tits-up again

I just bought a .22 revolverfor Mrs Trainwrecks B-day.
A the Saxet gun show, alot of the older .22 revolvers could handle multiple casing sizes (.22 short- .22 LR). They wanted cash for the one I wanted, so by the time I got back outside and the ATM was empty- I decided to go to the nearest dealer.

I was looking at inexpensive .22's to teach the wife the basics of pistol shooting------SHHH,, don't tell her(she reads this occasionally), and was told that the modern revolvers aren't capable of handling different case sizes.
I'm just wondering, is it that they're made differently- or is it because of the trial lawyers?

The chamber should be strong enough to hold the pressure of 1/4" difference in casing length.
Why would an old revolver be able to handle .22 short to .22 long rifle, but not a modern one?

Gun geeks, I await your answers. . .

The reason I want to use up the .22 shorts is that it's not exactly allowable in the HOA laws to shoot in the back yard, and being as I'm too lazy to drive to the range and the RR embankment makes a great berm, well. . .

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