Monday, February 20, 2006

This brainstorm is brought to you by the people who were surprised at hammas's win

The same people who said: "Daym, Hammas won the Palestinian election??!!??"
Are probably the only ones just realizing that the "Cartoon Riots" aren't somekind of spontaneous movement. They may actually be spurred on by some kind of Anti-Western Ideas.

These B.S. riots have been going on for what 5-6 weeks now? The L.A. riots died out after a week. How long did the Watts riots last? Any others you can think of?

Then they didn't have a completely an almost completely ingnorant and semi-literate world-wide mob to draw from. The L.A. thing was confined to,,,L.A. and all those genius level H.S. graduates.

Why would ANYONE not think that these riots were- at the least- sending a message about how the sheeple (sorry Rob) can be used as a weapon against anyone who has the least (they're cartoons fer Chris'sake) ummmm.....lack of awe for a third rate, selfish, immature movement that is deemed a religion. They must be too busy tracking down Elmer Cheney's hunting thang.

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