Thursday, February 16, 2006

Attention, American MSM decides to distribute pictures designed to inflame

exept that it's not the cartoons that the semi-literate muslum masses are rioting against.

these pictures are designed to inflame the same tolerant people against Americans- the Military specifically. Yes, the same Legacy news that barly mentions the intolerant muslems, is running the second set of pictures from Abu Graib- with additional *fake-but-accurate pictures* that didn't happen, but could have. I don't remember which blog I read that on last night, but it's on my blogroll.

I guess it's safe for the MSM to rum pics designed to inflame bomb-throwing savages, as long as it's a PC pic that doesn't endanger them- personally. Abu Graib had already been investigated and the perpetraters were on their way through the military justice system when the FIRST set of pics were flooding the Mid-east. What, besides p*ssing off the camel jockeys are they trying to do?
Sjhow how "brave" they are?

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