Friday, February 10, 2006

Texas forced to patrol their own border

Since President Bush refuses to.

Gov. Rick Perry has decided to launch Operation Rio Grande to try to stem the increasingly brazen border incursions.

AUSTIN Gov. Rick Perry today launched “Operation Rio Grande,” a state-led initiative to address escalating violence, increase border security and ensure Texans’ safety. The operation brings together a variety of state resources to better secure the Texas-Mexico border from Brownsville to El Paso.

ÂThere is not only great concern that the drug trade is becoming more aggressive, but that terrorist organizations are seeking to exploit our porous border, Perry said. Last year alone, 135,000 people who are not of Mexican descent were apprehended entering Texas illegally. The threat is real, and it grows each day.


"While enforcing our border remains the responsibility of the federal government, the consequences of an action are felt right here at home in Texas, Perry said. The state will not wait for Washington to take all the necessary actions.

Although Perry emphasized that border threats are best addressed by law enforcement, Texas Army National Guard planners and analysts will also provide support to operation.

This is a BIG problem I have with the current president. I have others, but they'll be posted as they come up.
George W. Bush refuses to do anything substantial about the problems on the border. Illegals. Drugs. Lawlessness.
Foreign incursions are all poo-poo'd away and double talked to death. While sheriffs of Hudsputh County are getting personal threats- at their homes from Mexicans driving Mexican tagged vehicles. Bush sends his spokes-flack to lie about how the Border Patrol is changing procedures.

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