Wednesday, February 08, 2012

On personal self defense and leftists

I saw a picture on a tangentially related post about Rick Santorum just a while ago.

Can't remember the blog, but it was a pic of a Trotskyite being dragged out after glitterbombing him.
What do you think the reaction of the MSM would be if Rick or Newt cold-cocked the guy as he was tossing that glitter?

I'm sure the Left would be howling on anger about excessive violence and the Right would have a new hero.

Mitt Romney would be over in the corner explaining that his butler -Jeeves was the one designated to do the protecting in his house.


  1. Eventually some sick ^&%$^&%# is going to mix ricin or rat poison in with the glitter, then security(or in my dreams the candidate) will have to shoot such individuals.

  2. I think the left would wring their hands and bemoan the violent nature of conservatives. Meanhwile, they'd know such behavior has consequences.


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