Sunday, February 12, 2012

Guess where

I'm going to take out the names and places, guess who and where they're talking about.

XXXXXXX-- Xxxx election observers say that presidential hopefuls running against Xxxx-Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx face "biased" reports by Xxxx-controlled media and constant government pressure.

Tiny Cox, who heads the Council of Zzzzz mission to Xxxxx, said Saturday that all four candidates complain that Xxxxx's government is using its "administrative resources" to influence voters, while Xxxxx television extensively covers Xxxx's activities.

Link will be in comments later today.


  1. Hell, you could make that argument for darned near any race, anywhere.


  2. Wouldn't the name Obama make a good fit?

  3. Probably Russia, but I Turkmenistan had its election yesterday I think, so maybe there.

  4. Yeah, it's Russia and they're talking about Putin.


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