Friday, March 04, 2011

You can tell a meme is getting old

when I get awarded something all the good blogs got months ago.
So after Bluesun awarded me the Stylish Blogger award

we'll let it pass on in peace.

Now, in accordance with the meme, here are the seven things things you probably don't know about me.

When I was in the Navy, out of the seven times I qualified with an M-16- I shot expert six of them on the Marine 500YD A-course and missed once by one point.
UPDATE reminded by Joe Huffman
If I remember right my dope was 7-up and 6-to the right.

I like cheap beer better than the expensive stuff.

I'm lazy on my time. When I'm at work, I'll work like a machine, on my own time- I just can't get motivated.

I loved working on and driving a Chevy C-10. I could probably still almost rebuild a straight six 250 with my eyes closed.

I enjoyed having my ex-boss pay my unemployment, it made up for all the free hours I had to put in.

I am still waiting on the Navy to finish (or start) my background check so I can fuel jet trainers in south Texas. I sent a letter to John Cornyn's San Antonio office about it this week.

We currently have three dogs, three cats and an iguana living in the house.


  1. Your house sounds a lot like ours, minus the iguana.

  2. The cats are guests.
    One will leave when Thing-2 moves into permanent housing at Camp Pendalton, the other two when Thing-1 can find her own place.