Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm hit and miss in my predictions here

But while I was reading this story about Libya, one term hit me with the next Lamestream meme on Pezident Kickazz.

France meanwhile dispatched two aircraft full of medical and humanitarian supplies to the rebel-held town of Benghazi, the start of what it said would be "a massive operation of humanitarian support for the populations of liberated territories."

Did you catch that?

By the time this ends up and 2012 rolls around it will have been a unprecedented scope of brilliant out-of-the-box strategy by Stymie that liberated millions of people to embrace their new found freedom.
And it would never have happened if if Prezident Kickazz wouldn't have shown his resolve by stonewalling until we saw which way the chimney was falling.

The new meme:

You don't think?

UPDATE march 03 1610 hours

I called this without meaning to, but they're so far out there that you can't out-loon them.

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