Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You just can't get away from it, can you?

I'm going to close my Bank of America account because of their wooing Illegals.
I won't open an account at Wells-Fargo (I'd get my mortgage out, too- if I could).
HSBC eagerly accepts bogus Mexican ID cards, too.
CiTI, nope- I replied to one of their junkmails and told them no to send me anymore until they quit lending to criminals. That stopped it (junkmail)considerably.

SO I went to Woodforest Bank at Walmart, asked about their policies of requireing ID, and what type. She told me that they only accepted official, legal documents accompanied by a SocSec number.
Cool, I'm not supporting Illegals, right?
I went to log-on and set up my account for bill paying and was asked which ID from I'd be using and the number:
  • DL
  • SocSec
  • Tx ID
  • Military ID
  • a f*cking MATRICULA card.
Ok, I guess ALL major banks can't stop drooling over "the bank accounts that Americans won't open", or something.

I guess it's going to be the international Bank of Hondo next.
Hunny, you'll need to change your direct deposit.

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