Friday, March 02, 2007

Pssst,,,,,,,,,,,,,wanna get a good used cell plan?

I found this site that our overpriced Sprint plan will be going onto.
See we're paying for a $59/mo family plan(550 min) and are paying for nothing.
We don't use 200 min/mo between the two of us, but this swapping site will let you buy the remaining plans.
-OR- like us, let someone else take over.

This Cellswaper site lets you shop for plans or phones (I think) and you take over the remaining plan time. In our case you get the Sprint "Fair and Flexible 550" plan for the remaining 11 months.
Plus two (free) flip phones and chargers. All you have to do is sign on to the remaining 11 months.

Go give it a look if you're interested in a nice used cell plan.

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