Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I've been meaning to do a post on this

Kinda tying the Liberal Democratic/MSM 'outrage' over the firing of 8 prosecutors, and their search for 'answers'.
If they *really* want to know about firing prosecutors, why not ask Janet Reno?
She has more experience in firing a lot more - for less reason than the Bush 'regime'.
At least they were only fired, and didn't have the FBI sikked on them.

Bush mentioned it the other day, when he proved my post wrong (so far) about throwing Alberto Gonzales under the bus.
Ok, I freely admit I was wrong- so far.

That's a sign of maturity there, you politicians.
Instead of laying blame and pointing fingers at everyone you can, man up and take it. People will respect you more, and trust you, even.

Where was I?
Sorry been having computer problems again. Don't know if it's a bad disc, or a trojan I can't find.

Oh, yea- the witch hunt.
I thought it was only supposed to be evil Conservative Rethuglicans that went after people for ideological purposes. But doesn't it seem that the Bolshevik/Soviet/Socialist mask is slipping alot more now?
It's like they think they have a lock on power and aren't afraid to let the little people see their true face.

The face of Fascist intolerance.
The reason there is a big push to get ill educated kids into college is for socialist indoctrination.
The MSM is full of thought police attacking everyone who isn't in lockstep with their view of the world.
Hollywood actors are sending themselves to re-education spas because they spoke wrongly.
Major newspapers who toe the party line cam headline top secret information, and get praise from the Left, but talking about a glorified secretary is a criminal offense- if you're a Republican.

Just keep going Libs, hopefully it'll sink in to the voters just how bad you are for America.
We survived eight years of Bill Clinton, I hope we can survive 2 years of you.

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