Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I have the History Channel on

The just got done with "The History of Bullets".

Ok, they got to talking about the new stuff coming out, and 'smart' bullets that can go through body armor and then act like hollow points.
They brought up the L.A. machine gun bank robbers and how out-gunned the L.A.P.D. was.

I got to thinking. Yeah, that's Cali- anyone with a rifle that could have taken care of those two would have been afraid to loan them out for fear of prosecution.

We had a thing in Austin - the U.T. tower sniper of about twenty years ago. After several shots out, he was pinned down by citizens and their rifles until the P.D. finally got an officer up there to finish the job. No citizens were arrested for using their firearms- because the Texas police understood that not ALL firearms owners are trying to kill them, and need their weapons taken away.

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